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Commercial kitchen with chefs preparing meals.


D.O.H. Style Unannounced  Inspections and Compliance Visits

When the DOH Visits, Are You Scrambling to Protect Your Hard-Earned Reputation and Financial Success?


Your Partner in Commercial Kitchen Compliance

Ensure you are up to code with HealthInspectorPro. We conduct an ongoing program of private and confidential DOH-based unannounced site visits that replicate real-world conditions. Our comprehensive reports identify violations before disciplinary actions and negative publicity ever occur. Becoming accustomed to routine snap-inspections is a smart and valuable way to reduce the risk of a catastrophic reputational failure.

Commercial kitchen being inspected.
Hotel Restaurant

Your Brand and Reputation are Priceless

Imagine an unannounced DOH inspection resulting in violations against you meriting fines, administrative actions, and even possible closure. It can happen to even the best establishments.


Worse, every detail is to be published, resulting in embarrassment and financial impacts. At HealthInspectorPro, we understand exactly how your investment and brand-reputation can be destroyed in an instant.


Now imagine learning the inspection was really conducted by HealthInspectorPro, your private partner in DOH compliance. It was a real-world simulation but without any negative consequences at all!


The confidential results allow corrective action to be taken before the possibility of real and costly damages. By regularly repeating this process, your risk of a catastrophe striking are drastically reduced.

Cleaning a stove in a restaurant.
Make the Kitchen Inspection Process Part of Your Staff's Routine

Unannounced DOH inspections typically occur twice per year. This leaves most operations unconditioned to the inspection process and exposed to even the most basic violations.


In many cases, the staff treats the arrival of the DOH as a crisis and scrambles to take remedial actions -- an impossible task at this late stage.


Inspections may take place at the most inconvenient time when your guard is especially down. Unless your team is accustomed to inspections, the odds of a failed report are stacked against you.


So many things could go wrong -- and may not be reflective of your management style and high standards. Yet the inspector is here!


HealthInspectorPro allows you to "Know Your Score Before" and engages your team in an ongoing program designed for these exact situations.




Chefs in Action



Hotel Dinning Room



Utilizing Local DOH Forms and Formats

The exact inspection forms used by your local health department are replicated in our software and used to guide our visits.


Your team can then follow the official DOH Inspector's format and compare results so that you know precisely where to correct deficiencies.


We provide you with a complete and confidential electronic report with details and images instead of the paper form from the DOH.


Our comprehensive inspection software references the complete code-compliance factors used during official visits. 

BLANK Florida 5022-015 Food Service Inspection Report
Optional Services

Temperature Monitoring System

A widely cited DOH violation is for storage temperature control.  We offer to install and program automatic temperature monitoring devices for your cold storage, prep, and service equipment, providing you nearly instantaneous notification when any unit fails on a 24/7 basis.  Alarms sent via email and/or text.  A cost effective way to protect your valuable inventory from loss and spoilage.

Person holding a thermometer.

24 Hour DOH Violation Response 

In the event of an unfavorable DOH inspection, we can dispatch a representative on a priority basis to help evaluate and rectify any outstanding violations.  Since a repeat violation may lead to fines, administrative action, or even closure, it is wise to have an independent party help address critical issues and ensure complete compliance upon the DOH re-inspection.

Pocket Watch in Hand

Engage Your Entire Team

HealthInspectorPro safeguards any size operation, from small independents to large chains.

Our trained and seasoned food-service professionals, utilizing our custom software, keep your business ahead of the game when it comes to health, safety, and protecting your valuable reputation.

You also have the option of having visits conducted "Formally" or in "Coaching-Mode" to fit your organization's style.


In either approach, we apply the same standards of inspection and provide the reports needed to comply.

People making subs at restaurant.

A Brand New Approach to Inspections

HealthInspectorPro has skilled, trained, and certified food-service inspectors ready to help you stay in compliance with DOH regulations. ​


Counting two regular DOH visits plus four HealthInspectorPro visits (quarterly) your facility is undergoing an on-site inspection, on average, every other month with our Basic Package (expanded options available). ​


Your staff becomes accustomed to unannounced inspection routines and compliance issues. You can leverage the program by providing performance bonuses or rewards, making the fear of DOH inspections a thing of the past. ​


Planning for DOH inspections is a smart and effective way to run your operation, reduce the risk of a catastrophic reputational failure, and to keep your team engaged in acing the inspection process. ​


HealthInspectorPro tracks the most cited and emerging violations in your region so that you can proactively address important issues being flagged at the DOH level.


​Our goal is to keep you in DOH compliance by instilling a culture of food safety as a primary function of your entire operation -- with valuable and measurable payoffs.

Person making notes on form.


Making Soup

"I can't thank HealthInspectorPro enough for the work they've done with my restaurant. Their team of experts was able to identify concrete DOH violations and provide us with the tools and knowledge we needed to stay ahead of the game.  No surprises here. Thanks to them, we've been able to avoid any negative press or fines from the Department of Health."

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