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A wide variety of businesses, trades, and industries have long recognized the value of private inspection services to manage the risk of regulatory actions and possible adverse impacts on their operations.


Being proactive and mitigating these potentially disruptive outcomes is simply a smart and cost effective business decision.


Private inspectors simulate the real-world conditions businesses eventually face during official regulatory visits. It allows a company to address potential violations and to educate their team about compliance issues before it is too late.


HealthInspectorPro is the first to bring those same valuable services to the hospitality industry. We conduct private Department of Health style (DOH) commercial kitchen inspection services on a regular and ongoing basis to keep your operation humming.

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While it is critical that foodservice establishments operate in a safe and healthful manner, the systems surrounding compliance have become more adversarial and less effective. This is not in the public interest.

Explosive growth of foodservice facilities has stretched resources for both owners as well as government entities.  Both operators and inspectors face frustrations as each try to make their best effort to comply with safety policy.

Adding to the mix is the possibility of an actual food poisoning or public outbreak due to lack of kitchen sanitation practices.  This is a real threat and ongoing liability issue for everyone involved.

We have observed these growing compounding stresses  with no apparent solution.  Until now.

Sanitation regulations are more complex as facilities grow. Enforcement efforts, especially through the power of the press, are increasing. And, the public is more sophisticated about where they dine, especially with the assistance of AI.​​

It is therefore up to owners/operators to respond and influence the culture of compliance among their staff members. 

Having only one or two annual inspections leaves your operation unprepared and vulnerable.  The stress of a two-hour surprise visit, which has the potential to permanently damage or even close your business, is a critical moment of truth.

However, you can greatly reduce the risk.  By conducting private inspections, we replicate the typical results you might encounter during an actual official visit. 

Not only are you given the opportunity to make critical corrections, but your team is more likely to maintain proper practices between visits.

In essence, we want inspections to become a regular part of your operating culture. Your staff will know to expect inspections every other month (or even more) and become more cognizant of their own individual role and importance. No more surprises.​​

And, importantly, your engagement in our private inspection service signals your true commitment to a cooperation with the official agency responsible for public health matters in your area.

While we cannot guarantee the outcome of an official inspection or the publication of any results in the press, we can provide you with every possible advantage in preserving your good reputation. 

Compliance with health codes cannot be deferred or minimized.  However, we can put you and your team in the best position to pass the test when it matters most.

Compared to the alternatives, we may be the most important investment ever made in your facility.

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A recent regional headline in FL stated that out of 426 restaurants inspected, only 287 passed, leaving 139 restaurants with a failing grade. This equates to an alarming 48% failure rate within just a single county – and yet represents only a fraction of those actually inspected.

This unsustainable trend continues in an unfavorable direction and only highlights the obvious and urgent need for a more strategic solution.

Not only are DOH violations and disciplinary actions featured online, but information technology amplifies the reach -- perhaps even when a customer is walking through your doors. The reports are easily searchable and include intricate details, which can be a costly and embarrassing exposure.

For those who experience unannounced inspections firsthand, the visit can be unnerving, even for those who meticulously maintain high levels of sanitation. In today's operating environment, so much is at stake - reputations, sales, and sometimes even the sudden closure of a business.

We provide a proactive approach by privately replicating inspection conditions on a regular basis, but with absolutely no risk or damages to your business.

Health Inspector with chef in kitchen.

By consistently practicing compliance and honing sanitation skills, your team learns to naturally anticipate inspections and support compliant practices.


When management actively supports preventative measures, it sends a powerful message about compliance to the entire organization.

Together, HealthInspectorPro emerges as the most intelligent and comprehensive approach to DOH compliance and risk abatement ever provided to foodservice operators of any size.

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HealthInspectorPro partners are trained and capable professionals with a long history of experience in back-of-house operations and practical knowledge of public health foodservice sanitary regulations and enforcement.


Each possesses the Certified Food Protection Managers, Certified Professionals in Food Safety certification, and have served as Senior Sanitation Specialists (SSS). All are formally trained and have real-world experience in the realm of kitchen sanitation enforcement.

HealthInspectorPro agents have years of practical experience and may already be familiar with your operation. With their special knowledge of the means and methods of official inspection practices, they are equipped to assist you in all levels of compliance.

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